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The Era of Global HCM Technology-enabled Services

Finding time for talent management

As companies become more global,  the HR challenges that arise become  central to their success or failure. It
is much harder to align staff to the  overall corporate strategy and cope  with the very different rules in each location limiting the speed to take  advantage of new opportunities.
International success requires HR to have a  complete view of its talent, which can only be  achieved through standardized processes,  technology and services. Yet, organizations try  to rely on broken processes, multiple systems  or vendors requiring endless consolidation.  This increases costs, compliancy issues and the ability to make good and timely talent  management decisions.
With non-value adding tasks such as  administration, benefits and payroll  estimated to take up to 50% of HRs time, this barely leaves any time for activities  that can support the business or provide  strategic value, let alone manage talent  on a global scale

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