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How it works

Get global payroll data with local results

ADP multi-country payroll solution utilizes a centralized monitoring platform to deploy your global payroll and HR services across your entire employee population through our local service providers.

Access to consistent multi-country payroll data

Service Model

ADP multi-country payroll solution’s universal format for data exchange ensures consistent, standardized input and output of HR data in a completely secure environment. This all-in-one interface minimizes the need for in-country dedicated specialists and also acts as a firewall to protect HR interfaces from risks related to multi-country payroll platform changes and upgrades.

ADP multi-country payroll solution’s online monitoring platform provides truly borderless global payroll and HR administration. You get a current view of your data flow and global payroll processing across your entire organization, just by logging onto the web at any time of the day or night. Powerful web-based tools allow you to see status, run metrics and benefit from proactive alerts. 

Monitor data flow and payroll processing

System Connect
  • Web-based and secure platform, accessible from any location 24/7
  • Multi-country HR and payroll data workflow on one platform
  • Single process for data input and output
  • Channel and track payroll workflow
  • Production of service metrics to track and measure service delivery quality standards

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