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ADP's multi-country payroll solution: Global payroll services and delivery made simple

For companies with employees in multiple countries, ADP provides a simple, consistent set of processes and tools for managing your multi-country payroll and human resources administration. You benefit from ADP's knowledge of local requirements and access to local resources. By using an outsourced service model you can focus on running your company as efficiently as possible, right from your headquarters.

Minimize your risk with ADP's global payroll services

ADP has more than 3,500 skilled experts on the ground, providing multi-country payroll expertise, best practices and technology to manage your human capital and minimize the risks of non-compliance. Reporting and analytical tools provide an accurate overview of headcount, turnover and compensation data in addition to payroll and HR metrics and modeling. Together, these enable you to practice better governance and exert greater administrative control over your global human capital assets from your headquarters.

Predict and lower costs

ADP helps you see where you're spending your money and eliminate the complexities caused by using multiple platforms by providing the tools to mine and analyze your global data. Plus, with our multi-country payroll reporting capabilities, you can use the new tools to enhance your international governance and to control your policy deployment from headquarters for an accurate overview of your payroll and HR data.

Focus on your business

ADP has the experts and the solution to help you solve the problems you face as you grow and expand your organization into new countries. When you combine several or even dozens of countries, those problems multiply exponentially. With a single interface, you minimize the need for in-country specialists and eliminate the interface between your information systems and local payrolls.

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