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Asia’s Agenda on Artificial Intelligence – How Asia is speeding global artificial intelligence adoption

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While we’re not far away from possibly seeing the first ever, completely automated organization, the next revolution in technology leading to it will 'once again' compete with people and their jobs.

While the threat of automation and its consequent effects on the employment economy of Asia’s biggest countries is looming, senior executives of global firms across Asia believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics will measurably increase their performance and overall efficiency.

MIT Technology Review in collaboration with ADP surveyed and conducted several in-depth interviews with executives across Asia-Pacific and senior HR professionals to gather perspective on this changing landscape.

Now, outside of leaders in global robotics (Japan and Korea), large Asian economies like China and India generate copious amounts of data, a tremendous 'natural resource' that keepings redefining the boundaries of AI’s capabilities.

Download the report and learn:

  1. How executives across Asia feel about adopting AI and automation within their organizations?
  2. How do they see this improving their competitive edge?
  3. How will 'Human Resource' as a function redefine its role to manage this transition?
  4. How will the workforce trends change as Artificial Intelligence (AI) forays into organizations?

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