From 20 days to 1. Payroll, made smart, easy and lean.

Company Profile

Smart Utility Systems™ (SUS™) is the leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for Customer Engagement, Mobile Workforce, and Big Data Analytics to the Energy and Utility sector. They provide rapid deployment solutions for multi-channel Customer Engagement, managing Demand Side Management programs, Mobile Workforce, and deploying big data analytics that reduce costs and complex IT integrations.


Employee Populace - 187

Sector - Energy Electricity,
Water & Gas

Recent Awards

Best Customer Engagement SaaS Provider in California - Technology Awards 2016
SUS Wins the Golden Bridge Green IT Awards
Smart Customer Mobile - 2016 Smart Grid Product of the Year

Why the Need?

Payroll was initially managed by Ms. Shivi Tripathi, Senior Executive, HR for Smart Utility Systems™, India using spread-sheets. Not only did this consume a measurable amount of time and resources, but staying updated with the constantly changing legislations and exercising them with utmost accuracy seemed a taxing ordeal of its own.

As Smart Utility Systems™ began to expand its operations and drastically increased in its employee populace, the need for an ideal solution sought unavoidable attention.

Here’s what our clients say about us.


The Easy Choice

ADP had already been providing HCM solutions to the Corporate Headquarters of Smart Utility Systems™ based out of Irvine, California. Based on their existing experience with us, the senior management decided to with ADP India as their payroll partners for their Indian sibling.

Onboarding Experience

“The implementation team was very helpful. Everything was set quickly in place and employees didn’t have many complaints.
Earlier, query management was done manually an employees had to directly approach the HR for anything. But now people can now view their tax slips, pay slips and all other particulars online. The satisfaction levels quickly rose.”

Recent Value-adds

Smart Utility Systems™ recently migrated to our new ESS portal with an intuitive dashboard and further enhanced user-experience.

The new ESS is looks good and is very helpful. Everything we need is in there – leave, time & attendance and the needful features and more. The support team has been very helpful with the consolidation of the statutory reports like PF and ESI.

– Mrs. Kanika,
HR Manager, Smart Utility Systems™

Other value-adds

“ Time management was the biggest issue we were facing but to compound to it PF and taxes also started taking a toll on our resources. Employee queries were also managed directly and this was quickly becoming a problem”.

– Ms.Shivi Tripathi
Senior Executive-HR
Smart Utility Systems™

“My team and I managed HR end-to-end, and within this function payroll was managed manually before this, using spread-sheets. We find it much easier now and no longer worry about errors.”

– Mrs. Kanika,
HR Manager,
Smart Utility Systems™

Value Benefits after Onboarding


After onboarding, Kanika and her team, most importantly Shivi, quickly started realizing the benefits of having ADP as their payroll partner –

  • Time spent on payroll processing reduced drastically. Ms. Shivi was able to process payroll for all her employees in a single day
  • Their employee’s pay slips and tax slips were accurate and require no additional expertise overseeing it.
  • Generating statutory reports including PF, PT and ESI became an automated function.
  • Year-end tax filing process now became easy with automatic generation of Form 16.
  • ADP’s mobile optimized ESS portal helped employees become more engaged with their HR pertinent data and consequently, the number of queries raised reduced drastically.

Here’s what our clients say about us.

“We had an exceptionally smooth transition to new payroll structure and process, with the help of ADP Implementation team. We have found ADP’s payroll software to be flexible and very easy to use and we now have information in a format that helps us to run our business more effectively.”
Ms.Shivi Tripathi
Senior Executive – Human Resource,
Smart Utility Systems™