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India's largest retail marketing company, Channelplay finds the perfect partner in ADP to process accurate payroll in a highly scattered business environment

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We are very pleased with ADP’s services. A great advantage is the fact that they keep improving the platform, making it easier to use and less time consuming. We now get an additional one and half day to review our payroll process. Last, but not least, we are happy that ADP took into account and analyzed all our suggestions. It's great to see a company that truly cares about its customers' feedback
Rajesh Kataria
GM – HR & Administration

The HR Challenge

Their vision to lead the retail marketing sector and to provide uniform experience to their clients across India has made the business spread across the nation at a break neck pace. Expanding business brings its own human resource administration challenges. Previously Channelplay used an on-premise payroll system provided by an external vendor. The software being maintained and supported by the vendor, required to be updated manually which was getting extremely difficult for Mr. Rajesh and his team. Mr. Rajesh Kataria is the General Manager - HR & Administration. The payroll specialist at the company’s headquarter were spending a significant amount of time processing payroll for 3600+ employees and dispatched pay-slips by sending bulk emails.

With its massive expansion in business, and fast growing number of employees reaching 4000 mark, with just 155 employees in the corporate office and the rest spread across 300 cities, the existing payroll system found it difficult to accommodate such changes in scalability and there was a pressing need to update the infrastructure. Due to the manual nature of the system, Channelplay faced the problem of recurrent loss of data along with taxation and pay-slip errors.

The HR Challenge


In the quest to address the payroll challenges with complete independence of operations, also ensuring ease of scalability and payment disbursement on time, Channelplay chose payroll solutions offered by ADP. ADP’s cloud payroll platform and Employee Self Service (ESS) portal helped Channelplay streamline their end-to-end payroll process by integrating leave, time and attendance data and manage it efficiently without any additional investment in infrastructure.


Benefits to HR

  • A centralized platform that can be used to perform functions effectively saving valuable time that was lost manually sending reports and emails.
  • Interface with ‘Select department’ feature specifically for retail clients with whom employees are stationed in various other companies with different payroll dispersion dates. This feature segregates the dates and makes it easier for the HR personnel to dispense payroll slips on the respective dates.
  • No Data loss as all the information is present in a secure platform to access anytime, anywhere.

Benefits to employees

  • Ease of access to pay-slips.
  • Update investment declarations and other related processes through ESS, making payroll reception and handling easier and time effective.

Process involved

The process of migrating to ADP’s system was highly efficient and seamless. The implementation process took four days which usually takes more than a month for a client with the size and spread that of Channelplay. The pre-implementation process consisted of collating the past six months’ pay sheets of the employees, more than 24000 pay slips were collated in a span of a week.

The actual implementation consisted of carrying out a parallel run with the client payroll to ensure the validity of the software as well as the training of the client in the use of the software with the entire process executed in a meagre span of four days.

Business benefits

  • Time for Payroll processing considerably reduced by almost 94%.
  • Time for processing tax reduced by almost 95%.
  • Payroll resource assigned to perform other important tasks – Workforce planning, talent management.
  • Employees can access ESS from anywhere, anytime – No loss of data.
  • Payroll resource can be accessed and processed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Scalability issues eliminated due to the shift to cloud payroll systems.
  • Shift to the new payroll system was time-efficient so the core business is not affected.



ADP has seamlessly merged into our organization and helped us streamline all our HR processes. Payroll processing has never been this easy and the best part is that we can go back to any record, at any given time and check the history 
Rajesh Kataria
GM – HR & Administration