One of the world’s largest telecom companies,
Qualcomm, saves 20% man–days every month
by outsourcing payroll and compliance processes
to ADP for its operations in India

Company profile


Qualcomm Inc. is an American company that designs and markets products and services in the semi-conductor and wireless telecommunications domain. The company's headquarters is located in San Diego, California and similar to most start-ups, Qualcomm's journey began with seven individuals meeting in a living room in San Diego with one common objective, ‘to create qualitative communications’. Today, the brain-child created in that living room spans across more than 170 offices in 40 countries.
Furthermore, Qualcomm expanded their operations to India in 1996 and chose Hyderabad as their primary hub. Additionally, they also set up business development and support offices in Mumbai and New Delhi, research and development centres in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai.
Qualcomm India Private Limited develops products and services within the wireless technology forte for customers. Some of its products and services include networking equipment and processors for mobile devices and wearables. Qualcomm India also developed Vuforia, a software platform which uses computer vision-based image recognition to allow users to write native application that can reach various users across a range of smartphones and tablets.


Payroll challenges


Mr. Srinivas Reddy, the Head of Payroll at Qualcomm India, was evidently responsible of handling payroll and compliance. Initially, the employee count was low and payroll operations were handled by a consulting firm and monitored by Mr. Srinivas Reddy. However, as the company expanded its operations, the number of employees grew rapidly to a little over 4000. When this happened, the senior management decided that it was the opportune moment to outsource payroll and compliance to a global service provider and optimize their payroll process and reduce overheads and compliance related risks by a substantial margin.
After careful deliberation, they leaned optimistically towards ADP because it had the right competencies, resources, technologies, and processes to address all their requisites. ADP's ability to handle both payroll and statutory compliance in a qualitative and clean manner was a prominent factor in the decision making process.

Some of the major challenges that Qualcomm India was facing before choosing ADP included:

Input complexities

Input complexities that arose during the consolidation of 4000+ employees who were spread across 5 different locations.

State-wise statutory compliance

A diverse set of statutory compliances to be adhered to, as employees were located in multiple states across India.

Flexible benefit compensation

Complexities and adjustment related difficulties that arise while handling flexible benefit compensation for employees.

Employee reimbursements

Processing of employee reimbursements was time and effort consuming.

Year-end tax

Challenges that surfaced while handling year-end tax formalities.


Handling queries was tasking as it was predominantly via e-mails.

ADP's solution and benefits realized by Qualcomm

After Qualcomm charted out the scope, ADP's implementation team conducted a payroll induction process to learn about Qualcomm's current payroll process and the challenges it faced with it.
The understood challenges were precisely mapped and appropriate solutions were accurately implemented.
After the implementation was successful, ADP provided Qualcomm with an Account Manager and a dedicated support team to ensure quick responses to queries and provide a better support experience.
After Qualcomm's decision of outsourcing payroll and compliance to ADP, Mr. Srinivas Reddy realized that he saved around 5 man-days of work every month giving him enough time to concentrate on his core activities.

Some of the benefits realized by Qualcomm include

Flexible benefits portal

Limits, entitlement, and eligibility of flexible benefits are complex. Additionally, the guidelines undergo frequent changes. ADP's online flexi portal ‘automated’ Qualcomm's process.

State wise compliance

Compliance is prone to regular changes and it differs from state to state. ADP's experts spread across different states track statutory compliances regularly to help them stay on the right side of law.

Employee reimbursements went online

Handling reimbursements for 4000+ employees is a formidable task that consumes time, energy and incurs costs. Before choosing ADP, Qualcomm performed this process manually. ADP created an online portal in ESS/MSS for employees and automated the workflow. Reimbursement processing has now become quicker, easier and more cost-effective.

Automation of year-end tax slips

The avalanche of year-end tax slips have now become streamlined and automated processes. Key forms like Form 16 can now be uploaded online.

ESS/MSS portal

The portal is highly user-friendly and the overall employee satisfaction with respect to payroll has increased.

Query handling went online

Queries are now handled via a customer-relationship management tool that helps solve them on time with a predefined SLA.

ADP has been handling our company's payroll for the past 7 years and the overall experience has been more than satisfactory. ADP's customized solutions have now helped in streamlining our payroll process across 5 locations. We save 4 to 5 man-days that can be spent effectively by focusing on our core activities. ADP's support team and account-management team have been very responsive in handling all our queries.

Mr. Srinivas Reddy
Payroll head
Qualcomm India