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End-to-End Core HR Solutions

Payroll Management

Leave Management

Time & Attendance

Exit Management

Employee Self Service

Why clients stay with us? And why with us, partnerships become relationships?

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Regulatory Expertise

Single-vendor advantage - Avoid fragmented Human Capital Management through comprehensive and multinational and statutory compliance services.

Expertise - Over 70 years of industry-specific legislative expertise across 140 countries.

Certifications - Internationally recognized auditing standards, data security and confidentiality.


Scalable - A unique architecture at both processing engine and database layer to secure functional and operational scale for your future HCM needs.

Configurable - ADP Vista HCM solution that allows you to configure a variety of HR needs.

Secure - ADP's Global Security Organization (GSO) has 3 threat management centers that operate 24x7x365 to mitigate any threats to data privacy.

End-to-End Payroll

Data Processing - Including collection, validation and processing of data through meticulous adherence to SLAs.

Money Movement - ADP’s Money Movement Solutions that simplifies your processes by facilitating on-time payment to your employees’ bank accounts.

Query Management - A dedicated CRM to facilitate swift resolution of issues for clients and employees ensuring fast turnaround time.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what our clients say about us.

Nikhil Pawar, Elcome Group Of Companies

"In 2010, we decided to outsource after deep consideration, we decided to go with ADP. And, I must say, from  implementation, they’ve always met our expectations.  At Elcome Group, we've always believed in long-term relationships and ADP’s continued diligence in the services they provide enables us to constantly increase our trust in them."

Ms. Shivi Tripathi, Senior HR - Smart Utility Systems™

"We had an exceptionally smooth transition to new structure and process, with the help of ADP Implementation team. We have found ADP’s software to be flexible and very easy to use and we now have information in a format that helps us to run our business more effectively”

Vineet Chaudhary, Manager, Human Resources, VentureWeb

We have engaged ADP India as our partners for the last four years. During this time, we have found their services and conduct to be above par. They have shown deep commitment and professionalism towards their work, and added value to our operations. We value our professional relationship with them and would readily recommend their services to others.

ADPians that say #hellowork everyday

Sowmya Ramesh, Service Delivery Head - MA

"The perfect balance between gen-x and gen-y. And , while there are a lot of debates, everybody seems to be open to discussion. That's one thing that i really appreciate as an indvidual"

Priya Raghunathan, Query Management Executive

"It's being great pleasure to work in the Query Managment team. Not only do i get to exercice my client associate skills but constantly stay updated with the latest legislations. In these 3.5 years I've been here, I've realized that ADP care more about his employees than most organizations do"

Hariharan Elumalai, Senior Account Manager - MA

"Midsize business are normally always at a critical turning point of their business-stage where scaling-up depends a lot on streamlining and consolidating internal processes, data and overheads. It's a good opportunity for me to work with organizations that continously wish to grow. It gives us a chance to fortify our partnership with each other"

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