Small Business Payroll, Tax, Compliance, Leave Management and Time & Attendance

End-to-End Core HR Solutions

Payroll Management

Leave Management

Time & Attendance

Exit Management

Employee Self Service

Remove the stress from your business by choosing the ideal solution

And, harmonize your business by giving it the support it deserves.

Give your business the support it deserves and grant yourself the time to focus on what matters.

Regulatory Expertise

Single-vendor advantage - Avoid fragmented Human Capital Management through comprehensive and multinational and statutory compliance services.

Expertise - Over 70 years of industry-specific legislative expertise across 140 countries.

Certifications - Internationally recognized auditing standards, data security and confidentiality.


Scalable - A unique architecture at both processing engine and database layer to secure functional and operational scale for your future HCM needs.

Configurable - ADP Vista HCM solution that allows you to configure a variety of HR needs.

Secure - ADP's Global Security Organization (GSO) has 3 threat management centers that operate 24x7x365 to mitigate any threats to data privacy.

End-to-End Payroll

Data Processing - Including collection, validation and processing of data through meticulous adherence to SLAs.

ADP’s Money Movement Solutions - Simplifies your processes by facilitating on-time payment to your employees’ bank accounts.

Query Management - A dedicated CRM to facilitate swift resolution of issues for clients and employees ensuring fast turnaround time.

Here’s what our clients say about us.

CA Tehsin Lakkadghat, Quantum Advisors

"Payroll was never a problem when we had about 70 employees. However, when the strength increased to 160+, processing became increasingly difficult to manage in-house. The number of man-hours spent on it was too much. The top management decided that it was the right time to outsource."

Anil Chandran, Union KBC AMC

"My expectations from a vendor were basic adherence, meeting the requirement standpoint, accuracy of information, following the process and very importantly - meeting the timelines. After the initial few hiccups, we saw ourselves getting to the stage where we wanted."

Rajesh Kataria, Channelplay

"We are very pleased with ADP’s services. A great advantage is the fact that they keep improving the platform, making it easier to use and less time consuming. We now get an additional one and half day to review our process. Last, but not least, we are happy that ADP took into account and analyzed all our suggestions. It's great to see a company that truly cares about its customers' feedback"

ADPians that say #hellowork everyday

Saravanan.S, Senior Service Delivery Head - SBS

"How safe and secure is data on the network? Government rules and regulations are always changing and frankly, small business owners can't be expected to stay on top of these changes and simultaneously focus on their core competencies. Thankfully, it’s the people in my team in-charge and happy to be part of it. I am very happy that my 20+ years of industry experience helps to share knowledge to the clients related to and compliances."

Selvam Muthukumar, Support Process Executive

"It been about a year now and, its been an amazing experience to work with one of the largest HCM providers in the world.  ADP has pushed me to improve my skillset on a number of occasions and I really took it to my advantage. However, I'd like to this opportunity to thank my colleagues who kept believing & supporting me. You guys are the best!"

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