An engaging Employee Self-Service portal combined with a utilitarian Manager Self-Service interface.

Empower your employees with ADP Vista HCM unique mobile-optimized ESS portal.

Guide your employees in gaining complete clarity on their pay and tax details, apply leave and attendance requests; and process reimbursement requests through a personalized and interactive user-experience that delivers insight based on their day-to-day needs.

With ADP Vista HCM your managers can now approve/reject employee leave requests, attendance and reimbursement requests via an intuitive and responsive online portal. Furthermore, managers can download comprehensive reports for every employee within their team.


Employees can view their pay slips and tax slips for any particular month.

Submit Declarations

Employees can submit their investment declaration during the start of the financial year and subsequently, their proof details during the End-of-Year (EOY) process.

Reimbursement Claims

Employees can claim various reimbursement requests including fuel, LTA, medical, phone and ‘books and periodicals’. Managers have the accessibility to approve/decline these requests. HRs with role-based privileges have the flexibility to configure flexi cut-off rates for their employees.

Flexi Declarations

Employees can submit their flexi declarations as per the organization’s policy. HR has the flexibility to configure flexi cut-off for their employees.

Personal Information Management Systems(PIMS)

With our Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS) employees can update and maintain their personal and bank details.

Value Benefits

Mobile Optimized

ESS portal is highly responsive and mobile optimized. The portal is compatible with popular browsers and mobile devices.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Improve employee productivity, save costs and reduce frustration of multiple logins as our ESS portal can be seamlessly integrated with your intranet for a single sign-on access.

Query Management

ESS is integrated with query management tool and employees can raise requests based on criticality.

Help Panel

A scroll-based Help Menu is integrated with ESS and it gives you an overview and step by step instructions to perform tasks.

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