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Leave Management - Key Features


Easy Report Generation

View the complete history of your employee’s leave details and leave balances with monthly and yearly reports. Some of the important reports that can be generated with ADP Vista HCMSM include -

  • History of leaves taken, approved, rejected or pending by an employee or group of employees
  • Eligible leave types allocated for different employee groups
  • Eligible leaves already taken by employees

Online Leave Transactions

Your employee’s leave requests are easy to manage with our intuitive and mobile optimized ESS portal.

Furthermore, your employees have the option of applying various leave requests including

but not limited to

  • Sick leave/Casual leave
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Loss of Pay

Workflow Notification

Your ADP Vista HCMSM Leave Management System automatically routes approval notifications with real-time notification tickers on the manager’s/approver’s dashboard to simplify and expedite leave requests.


Customizable Leave Policies

Your ADP Vista HCMSM’s Leave Management System provides flexibility in handling leave policies, leave groups, holiday groups and your organizations work-week calendar.

Customize your leave policy rules including pro-rating balances, accrual calculations, half-day permissions, carrying over unused leaves on to the next year, applying for previous date and more.


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