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Payroll On Cloud - Key Features

Innovative Compensation Packages

ADP Vista HCMSM has a robust built-in rule engine that lets you configure your payroll system with great detail making payroll management easy. Create over 100 earnings and deduction components and tag them to customized employee groups.

Our unique formula builder tool can accommodate complex logic and gives you complete control while designing your employees’ benefits.

Income Tax (TDS) Report Generation

The income tax rules in India are complex and are constantly revised with changing economic conditions. There are number of clauses and sub clauses that need to be considered for accurate tax deduction.

ADP Vista HCMSM automatically deducts taxes during payroll processing and generates all the necessary reports including -

eTDS returns
Form 24Q
Form 16 (Part A and Part B) and 12BA

Payroll Compliance

With your ADP Vista HCMSM automatically generates all your necessary statutory reports while you process your payroll. You also have the flexibility to add multiple statutory groups and modify contribution details based on your requirement.

  1. Provident Fund (PF) Reports
  2. Employee State Insurance (ESI) Reports
  3. Professional Tax (PT) Reports
  4. Labor Welfare Fund (LWF) Reports

Reimbursement Claims

Streamline your HR process by automating your reimbursement claims process.

Get complete visibility over your employees’ expenses (from request to approval) in just a few clicks. Your employees can apply for various claims including fuel, medical, LTA and so on via our intuitive Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal. Any reimbursement claims made would be automatically catalogued in the HRIS and adjusted on payroll.

Loans and Advances

ADP Vista HCMSMgives you the flexibility to configure a variety of loan and repayment options and automatically schedule deductions based on tyour preferences.

Manage loans and advances for all your employees in a simple and effective manner.

Customized Reports

Generate a wide range of standard and custom reports based on your everyday need through our unique tool, the Query Builder. Generate over 90+ standard reports, apart from the one’s you wish to customize and generate. Some of the standard reports you can generate with ADP Vista HCMSM includes –

  1. Pay slip and tax slip
  2. Salary Register
  3. Bank statement
  4. Various statutory reports including PF, ESI, PT and LWF
  5. Various tax filing report including Form 12A, 12B, 24Q, e-TDS returns
  6. Employee Reconciliation reports

Full and Final Settlement Process

Comprehensively management payroll information like yearly bonus, reimbursement balance, unpaid salary, leave encashment, gratuity etc. in the HRIS enables you to accurately calculate concluding payables for every employee going through exit formalities.

Your ADP Vista HCMSM has a built-in rule engine to handle all your full and final settlements as easy as possible.

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