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Human Resource Information System Manage employee information, pay structures, cost center information as well as create multiple role and assign role-based privileges
HR AdministrationSet up an extensive array of payroll configurations based on your organizational needs
Payroll Processing EngineThe easiest way to run your payroll – This Formula-driven engine supports unlimited pay groups and pay runs, adheres to compliance and accommodates your employee-populace across any geo-specific region
Cost to Company Configuration Allows defining CTC breakup structure for different pay groups thus enabling creation of multiple pay structure within a Legal entity
Payroll Compliance Report( PF, PT, LWF & ESI)Build country-specific calculation logics to handle complex statutory calculations to handle payroll related compliance effortlessly
Reports EngineGenerate customized payroll reports from a range of criteria based on business requirements
Journal VouchersTrack and Monitor the flow of financial data within your organization and define journal voucher components based on organization requirements
Employee Self Service PortalEmpower your employees to access their pay and tax details, apply leave and attendance requests, submit reimbursements and declare investments seamlessly
Leave Management SystemDefine your organization’s unique workflow and leave policies, handle complex leave configurations and manage leaves
DashboardsIntuitive dashboards which give you real-time information on employee populace, leave status, attritional trends and other employee-related information
Policies & Communication BoardStay on top of policy changes within your organization through real-time notifications posted on an intuitive and dynamic communication board
Technical SupportSeek real-time assistance through the web help-desk to ensure optimal business continuity with regards to payroll
Manager Self Service Portal Managers can now handle employee leave, attendance and reimbursement requests via an intuitive and responsive online portal
Investment Declaration Enable employees to create and update investment declarations any number of times until the elapse of cut-off period
End of Year Routines Ensure a smooth End of Year process through easy submission of proofs online from a mobile optimized interface
Full & Final Settlement Calculate final payables for every employee going through the separation process with ease
Claims Management Configure and Structure reimbursement claim components based on organization policies
Bank Letter & File GenerationGenerate bank advice reports based on your organization’s requirements
Loans & Advances Ensure smooth loan processing and automated monthly recovery over the loan term based on your organization’s loans and advances policy
Compliance Management System A simplified solution that provides a common framework and an integrated approach to manage all compliance requirements in an efficient manner.
Letter generation    
Mobile App A simple mobile app which enables you to easily access to your payroll reports, claim reimbursements, declare investments and manage leaves.
Time & Attendance Automatically track employee in time & out time, shift configuration and mapping, location wise holiday grouping and multiple time rule creation based on country specific requirements
Attendance Reports Generate extensive list of time and attendance reports with options to filter and download
Separation Facilitate an efficient and smooth employee separation process that allows you to streamline the tasks involved in managing and approving the separation in a seamless and user-friendly manner
Performance Management System Track and monitor the performance of your workforce and cohesively work together with employees to plan, monitor and review work objectives
Flexible Benefits Enable employees to opt for Flexi pay components of Salary based on Entitlements predefined for each component in accordance with Organization policy.
Single Sign On Permit users to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications with just a single click
Integration with other HRMS Seamlessly integrates with existing HRMS applications
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