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The last date for filing income-tax returns has been extended to 5thAugust. Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17) were originally to be filed by 31st July. But in view of the day-long strike at public sector banks, the deadline has been extended to 5thAugust. For Jammu and Kashmir, the deadline will be August 31 in view of the ongoing turmoil in the state.

UAN relaxation for PF claim forms

On 1st January 2016, a circular stated that all PF claim forms must have their respective member’s Universal Account Number mentioned on the same. No claim forms were accepted if the UAN was not provided.

Consequently, there were major UAN subscribers from January, 2014 to June, 2014 and during this period, many complaints were brought forward seeking relaxation on PF claims.

Thus a new circular No. 40(24) superseding the earlier notification was brought forward stating the following:


  1. Claim forms are to be accepted without UAN if date of leaving of member is before the 1st of January, 2016.
  2. In exceptional cases, the officer in-charge may (at their own discretion and based on the merits of case) accept the claim form without UAN.


Now go paperless when you apply for your PAN card

Previously, while filling online PAN application, an applicant (individual as well as companies) had the option to select one of the following two as their verification option:

  1. Physical acknowledgement and;
  2. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  3. Now the department has provided a third option of verifying PAN application through Aadhaar based eSign.

This new option has been launched to encourage PAN applicants to apply with ease (paperless submission of application) using their respective Aadhaar based eSign. Here their Aadhaar card would be considered as supporting document and the photograph used in Aadhaar card would be used in PAN card as well.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has agreed to seamless exchange of data with Ministry of Corporate Affairs to ensure that upon incorporation of a company by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the PAN and TAN number are allotted within a day.

Changes in Employees' Pension Scheme (1995) for disabled orphans

The Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995, stated that every orphan (limited to two surviving children, from oldest to second oldest) will receive a monthly pension under the Employee Pension Scheme till such orphan attains twenty five years of age.

This scheme has been extended (beyond 25 years of age) for orphans who are suffering from; disorder or disability of the mind, or is physically crippled or disabled.

Two bonus years added in service weightage for EPS members

The EPFO (Employee’s Provident Fund Organization) has issued a circular to all its offices on granting the benefit of two year of service weightage (while calculating pension) to members who have completed 20 or more years under Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS), 1995 and Family Pension Scheme (FPS), 1971; even for cases that been settled.

The government of India pays voluntary pension only if the below conditions are complied with: (Rule 34)

  1. Three months prior notice
  2. Completing 20 years of service excluding extra-ordinary leaves
  3. No pending disciplinary cases
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