The start-ups guide to compliance

The start-ups guide to compliance – A Primer

Starting up is very exciting. A start-up is like a brand new ship with an invigorated set of sails, managed by an eager crew restless to set sail on an adventure. While the journey is enviable, and the restlessness is a positive sign, undertaking needful safety measures (i.e. compliance) is what makes for a long and successful journey.

Taking this journey with the right partner will ensure consistent support during the voyage. This starts with choosing the right business entity, understanding the compliance specific to it and appointing an auditor or a firm to manage the legal integrity of your business.

Whether your start-up is a small outpost with half a dozen people or a manufacturing facility with several hundred, you will have to register the business with the proper authorities and ensure that every last compliance related issue is dealt with before you begin operations.

The Start-ups Guide to Compliance – A Primer is made with the express purpose of helping you know about the crucial compliance aspects of a new business. This guide takes a comprehensive look at important compliance considerations, right from registration to Labour Law Legislation and more. Download the PDF document, or fill up the form below if you’d like the hardcopy booklet (A5 size) sent to your address.

Have a safe voyage!

Did you know?

Over 3,000 startups have been funded in the past five years. Private equity and VC funds have infused more than $22 billion of capital into India since 2006*. Clearly, the start-up scene is thriving!

*Source: Tracxn

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