Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader – A research study to further the Asian leadership development agenda

We are delighted to present the Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader research study, a joint-research study by the Singapore National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). ADP partnered with CCL and NTUC for this study, which is a culmination of almost eight months of research, and presents a comprehensive point-of-view on what the future of Asia may look like, particularly the critical megatrends that will shape the continent, their impact on societies, businesses, and, most importantly, how leaders must prepare today to succeed in the future.

According to CCL's research, future-fluent leaders seek out fresh perspectives, new foresights and insights, as they harness the power of data and analytics and as they prosper through constant change.

We hope you find Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader study useful as you embark on your journey to be future-fluent.

Download the research study here, and prepare your next cadre of Asian leaders for future-fluency. Discover what the future of Asia could look like!

The Future-Fluent Asian Leader

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