Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll isn’t just about paying your people. And let’s face it, you didn’t get into business to manage paperwork and keep track of payroll legislations.

  • Consolidated, error-free documents & reports with sharper business intelligence.
  • Decreased IT infrastructure investment.
  • Speedy resolution of employee queries.
  • Support your entire employee payroll life-cycle, from their date of joining to exit.
  • Lower risk related to compliance and penalties.
  • Better resource deployment.

Processing Monthly Salaries

All you need to do from your end is, send us the variable monthly particulars. From thereon, our operational experts take care of everything

  • Processing your payroll based on the latest legislative updates
  • Processing investment declarations of your new joins and updating it on your HRIS
  • Validating the inputs received with your organization or previously determined policies
  • Providing your with consolidated reports (standard and customized)

Payroll Compliance

Ensure accurate processing of the following compliances through a global leader in payroll and compliance –

  • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Employee State Insurance (ESI)
  • Professional Tax (PT)
  • Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)

Processing Reimbursements and Arrears

Once your employees submit their reimbursement claims through our intuitive ESS portal, we –

  • Validate the claims based on your policies
  • Integrate the validated claims with payroll data
  • Send consolidated reports on changes made

With regards to processing arrears, our experts ensure day-to-day maintenance of your arrear registers and maintain consolidated arrear computation reports for assistance during audits.


Employee Query Management

Our unique query management tool within our ESS portal allows your employees to raise and clarify any queries they might have; be it salary, leave, reimbursements or tax declarations.

Our query management team is responsive, considerate of contextual urgencies and ensure swift resolution queries.


Full and Final Settlement

Full and final settlements are the concluding formalities that need to be comprehensively addressed to ensure complete compliance with legal as well as established company policies.

Our operational specialists are also industry experts who understand all the intricacies involved in the full and final settlement process. We manage everything from –

  • Calculating payable days
  • Leave Encashment days/Notice Period recovery
  • Investment proofs and reimbursement claims during final settlements
  • Other payments/deductions
  • Consolidated reports on net payable/recoverable, final tax workings, journal voucher etc.

Quarterly returns filing (Form 24Q)

Accurate processing and filings of quarterly returns is vital to the integrity of every company and ADP takes it very seriously.

Our internal reconciliation process is comprehensive and ensures maximum accuracy with regard to taxes deducted. All variances are sought clarification and only then do we proceed with uploading the base file into the eTDS and subsequently generate the Form 27A. This form is then shared with clients.


Flexi-Benefits Management

ADP’s Flexi-Benefits Management service is a widely used to encourage employees by giving them complete freedom to choose their own benefits package.

You can now create your own unique flexi-benefits packages aligned with innovative HR policies and further your boundaries of influencing employee experience in positive and productivity-driving manner. To effectively manage this tool your HRs can be given control over different types of benefits and rules.


End-of-Year process (Form 16)

Ensuring your employees a smooth year-end process is crucial as the complexities involved during end of the year process could be very demanding and sometimes unmanageable if not planned properly. However, proper planning is an expenditure of its own.

With ADP’s ESS portal, employees can now submit all their investment declaration proofs through an easy to use and mobile-optimized interface.


Furthermore, with our scanning solution, employees can upload all their proof documents online, thereby ensuring minimal paperwork and preventing loss of records. ADP’s audit experts ensure a faster turnaround time for proof-validation and provide status updates on each validation within the ESS portal. During the process, your employees can also post queries directly to ADP’s experts via a query management tool integrated within the ESS.

  • Mock tax slip
  • Daily proof submission status reports
  • Documents status on ESS
  • Validation status reports
  • Employee-wise rejection reports
  • Query status reports

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