Opera Solutions

ADP helps a tech and analytics company transform tedious, error-prone manual processes to accurate payroll processing via a smart dashboard.

The Client

Opera Solutions is a global provider of advanced analytics software solutions that address the persistent problem of scaling Big Data analytics. Our client uses a combination of machine learning science, advanced predictive analytics, technology, large-scale data management, and human expertise.


The Problem

The client had been handling their payroll in-house in India. They have a large employee base and are present across the country. They were looking to outsource their India payroll just like their US counterparts. Besides, they were spending a lot of time in processing payroll every month, and were finding compliance and EOY activity to be increasingly difficult to handle by that point.

The management in India began searching for a payroll service provider, and came to engage ADP shortly after.


The Solution

ADP has provided the Employee Self-Service (ESS) and E-service tools to this clients, which help them save a lot of time. Thanks to the ESS dashboard, their employees can get their salary slip in one go and also effortlessly manage their EOY activity. Additionally, the upgraded ESS allows employees to submit their proof at any point within the defined time period in a month.


The Outcome

After outsourcing their payroll to ADP, the client is able to now completely focus on their US projects, as intended. Employee payslips and query option are available in a single click to their employees, and they receive the complete payroll reports on time, every time. Besides, any employee can raise a query through the ESS, and ADP resolves the issue as per the TAT time. The ESS dashboard indicates the progress of the query, a feature that is helpful for both employee and HR.

With E-service, they don’t have to keep all their data in Outlook; they can search for the data from the E-service module easily with the help of SR numbers.

The client can access the client dashboard, which contains the detailed reports, and they can consolidate the complete analysis and send to their US team. They have the escalation structure in place, with a dedicated account management module that also helps them in getting things done.


In Summary

Automating a previously tedious and error-prone manual process has improved the scenario to a great extent and the client is very happy with their decision to outsource. The client mentioned that the ADP processing team is very flexible and supportive, and assists them with achieving their designated payment cycle in time.