A leading diamond company in Canada was in the process of reshaping and revamping its business as it had decided to scale up its operations globally. The company supplies rough diamonds to the global market through its sorting and selling operations. It is one of the leading producers of rough diamonds (by value).

With the diamond industry evolving rapidly, the competition was getting intense as the fragmented market was slowly getting consolidated with key mergers and acquisitions. In order to keep up its market share and profitability, the company made its foray into retail space with a key acquisition and also expanded its operations globally. One of the countries they expanded to was India where they saw an increasing demand.

The company’s office in India was relatively small with a low employee headcount. However, when it started scaling up, the company decided to streamline existing processes in various business functions - including the HR department.

The HR challenge

The and compliance processes were managed manually and pay slips were printed and dispatched. As the company started scaling up their operations, the employee headcount reached more than 60 and it became a challenge for the HR department to manage and compliances manually. The company’s HR head was looking for a vendor to help them streamline their process.

The company’s corporate office in Canada was also facing similar problems. They decided to outsource their and compliance processes to ADP and were very satisfied with the engagement. They wanted to replicate the same processes in their office in India. Their requirement was a outsourcing company with the ability to manage pay structures across multiple locations.


Following an extensive research, the top management decided to outsource their and statutory processes to ADP and concentrate solely on their business objectives. ADP’s and statutory services were implemented efficiently with a quick turnaround time and without any additional investment in software or infrastructure.

Implementation process

The implementation process was smooth and efficient. ADP’s implementation team conducted a induction to learn about the company and its current processes. Past pay slips were collated and an employee master database was created.

Following this, ADP conducted a parallel run with the client to determine the accuracy of the data. After the implementation was declared successful, a dedicated account manager and a contact center team were provided to them to ensure responsiveness and better support experience.

As an HR Manager with an experience of working with various companies and having coordinated with many vendors for HR-related requirements, I affirm that the experience with ADP has been very satisfactory. If I come across any prospective references or recommendations with regard to HR outsourcing of-related activities, I will surely recommend ADP. ADP is always open to suggestions and improvisations as per the client’s requirements. This is an important aspect of their working system. Overall, we are happy and content with our experience.” HR Manager Value

Value benefits

After the company started outsourcing their and compliances services to ADP, the HR manager started observing the following changes in their overall process:

  • Improved accuracy and on-time delivery of pay slips to the employees.
  • Adherence to state level statutory compliances.
  • Ability to meet the timelines to file the challans and other compliance related documents to the respective authorities