A widely-known and respected manufacturing company uses ADP for payroll processing.

The Problem

Our client, a widely-known and respected manufacturing company, was earlier handling their payroll in-house. They have a large employee base and are present across the country. In addition, with their multi-location offices, data coordination was a challenging task. And their payroll was being done manually, which made data collection and assimilation clumsier; the added pressure of re-checking for errors was always present.

Due to all these reasons, they ended up devoting a substantial amount of time for processing payroll every month. To top it all, management was not satisfied with their current system of payroll processing, and was actively looking out for other, more efficient options.

After deliberation, management decided that they would look to outsource their payroll to an experienced third party. 


The Solution

The client opted for ADP’s Leave Management Services (LMS). Earlier, all the employees’ leave data was captured manually. After setting up the LMS product, leave application became very convenient and it could also be tracked accurately. The shift from a manual set-up to an automated one has improved the scenario to a great extent, and client is really happy with their decision to outsource to ADP.


The Outcome

After outsourcing their payroll, the client can now completely focus on their core business. Also, being a pan-India company, ADP has now become a single point of contact for the client’s employees. Currently, the payslips and query options are available at a single click to the employee. The client has also mentioned that the ADP processing team is very flexible and supportive, ably assisting them to achieve their designated payment cycle.


In Summary

Automating a previously tedious and error-prone manual process has made a huge difference to the client’s payroll processing, saving both time and money for their business.