ADP streamlines an energy data company’s payroll and statutory process.

The Client

The client is an energy data company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company develops and markets a form of big data coming from utilities, and offers data-as-a-service products that enable organisations to understand their energy usage, which is fundamental to reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.


The Problem

The client had many issues, as listed below:
  • The client was using an in-house tool from another payroll company that was reliant on a particular person who processed the payroll. In the absence of this person, the client was unable to process and credit the employees’ salaries on time.
  • Issuing Form 16 by processing reimbursements bills and investment proofs was very difficult, due to limited staffing.
  • The client did not have expertise on salary structure, and consequently the appropriate pay components were missing, which led to messy calculation of taxes.
  • The client had limited awareness of statutory requirements like S&E registration and CLRA registration.
  • No proper CTC master was available.


The Solution

Once ADP signed on the client, the existing gaps were identified during implementation phase, and reported appropriately. ADP helped to streamline the client’s salary structure as per industry standards and put a correct CTC master in place. ADP also extended S&E services to address registration maintenance activity, and highlighted the missing statutory aspects to ensure the client became compliant. Finally, ADP’s supported the client with reimbursements and proof validation during year-end and this went a long way in reducing employee queries.